Myriam de Wurstemberger

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My name is Myriam de Wurstemberger, translated into English 'Myriam from Sausage Mountain'. Yes, it sounds funny.

The name comes from an old aristocratic family based in Switzerland.


We’ve lived a contradiction between an aristocratic name, historical past, wealth and a family crest, yet we grew up in a very modest quarter.

The only luxuries left from our past are castles in the sky and the desire to live pleasurably.

My daily practice is to take my time to trace my inner guidance and follow my intuition. I want to free myself from the layers of external limitations and expectations and create from the heart.


A drawing, a desire, a feeling of wanting to transform something into a tangible craft has inspired me since childhood and led me to the profession of dressmaking.


However, the reality of the working world, including its strict rules on how something has to be made and how it has to look, made me unhappy and constrained.

It took some time for me to realize that I wasn’t the problem and that I did not have to adapt. I could create a different way of working.


I need a liberty to be creative. The freedom to do whatever one wants, to work in a different reality in where one’s imagination has free rein. Making art gives me a sense of that freedom.

I decided to study at the University of Fine Arts in Bern. During my studies, I was more interested in creation than in theory. I have to dive into the subject matter to understand what I'm doing.

Through the process of creating, I gain insights about life, relationships, behavioural patterns and womanhood. Through creating something, I learn and grow.


Merging tailoring and art opens up a wide range of possibilities to me. I can create things like practical clothes, accessories, or I immerse myself in the arts and bring my own concerns to light.